Blackrock experience

The black rock grill platter is a great way of enjoying different types of rare breed steaks in a unique way. It's an interactive fun dining experience similar to a fondue party. 

You will be presented with a platter of 3 marinated meats in thin slices which will generally include Kobe ribeye or Kobe sirloin, texas Longhorn fillet and 1 other speciality meat available at the time.

You then sizzle the meat on the stone to your liking, dip in a sauce if required and eat. Dips include Balsamic, sweet chilli and a mix of miso, garlic and soy.

Steak Platter up to 3 types of meet from £19.95 

Speciality Steak Mix Platter up to 3 types of meat  from £29.95

All including chips salad and dips.