Kobe Steak's

Kobe steaks have become so popular at the Parrot that we have now secured a continual supply. We do however suggest that they are pre-booked to avoid disappoinment despite us carrying as much stock as sensible.

Kobe steak is regarded as the finest steak in the world due to the unique rearing of the cattle.

The Parrot is one of the very few Kobe Steakhouses in the UK especially outside London and is probably the only one in Cheltenham and indeed Gloucestershire.

Kobe Steaks

£29.95 - 10oz Kobe Rib-Eye 
£29.95 - 10oz Kobe Sirloin
£39.95 - 8oz Kobe Fillet
£44.95 - 16oz Kobe Rib-Eye on the bone

Fresh Kobe Steak, The Parrot Bar and Grill, Cheltenham.